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SJETL Lab has fully equipped state-of–the-art equipments for in–house testing facilities for performing physical and chemical tests on most of the construction materials and their products under controlled environmental conditions, in accordance with BIS and other International Standards. Different types of materials are used for construction purpose. These materials need to be tested for quality and to get specifications. This quality of materials ensures stability of structure and specifications are used to get required amount of material.

SJETL Lab has made its reputation in material testing through the course of time by delivering reliable and accurate test parameters. In SJETL all the tests are performed by a highly qualified and experienced team according to relevant Indian Standards.

  •    Cement (opc/ppc/psc)
  •    Flyash
  •    Micro Silica
  •    Aggregate (Coarse/ Fine)
  •    Bricks
  •    AAC Block
  •    Solid & Hollow Blocks
  •    Paver Block
  •    Soil (Clay/ Sandy)
  •    Curing Compound
  •    Admixture
  •    TMT Bar/ Coupler / HT Strand
  •    Stainless Steel/ MS Channel
  •    Aluminium Section
  •    Building Store
  •    Rock
  •    Lime Powder
  •    Flush Dorr/ Timber/ Wood
  •    Bitumen
  •    Bitumen Emulsion
  •    DBM & BC Job Mix Formula
  •    Wet Mix Macadam (WMM)
  •    Water Bound Macadam (WBM)
  •    Granular Sub Base (GSB)
  •    Bentonite
  •    Granite Stone
  •    Marble Stone
  •    Concrete Tiles/ Ceramic Tiles
  •    Water(Drinking & Construction)
  •    Hardned Concrete (Cube/Core/Beam)
  •    Concreate Mix Design M-10 to M-60
  •    Concrete Permeability